Monday, January 14, 2013

Ohshima - 01/11/2013

1956 N Tustin St
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 998-0098

I've found myself on something of an OC sushi kick over the past month so I thought it might be time to revisit my favorite. Ohshima has a fairly extensive kitchen menu but best way to enjoy the restaurant is to grab a seat at the bar and let chefs Yuji, Miki, and Shige work their magic.

Tai - Sea Breem
With a mild flavor, Tai is a popular way to start an Omakase meal. The sea breem came seasoned with salt and a spray of yuzu juice giving the fish a salty-sour punch. I especially appreciated fish's complex texture, pairing a firm snappiness near the skin with a tender meatiness elsewhere.

Hamachi - Yellowtail
This gateway fish was my favorite when I started eating sushi, but I rarely order it anymore. While the fish was a touch soft for my liking, the buttery flesh is deftly complimented by the savory potency of the special soy.

Hotate - Scallop
The thick slab of scallop displayed all the mollusk's best traits, supple texture, creamy mouthfeel, and lingering shellfish sweetness.

Sakuramasu - Cherry Salmon
This isn't the typical domestic salmon, the orange-hued fish has a clean saltwater relish and lean snappy texture not found in the farm raised variety.

Aji - Spanish Mackerel
A prototypical example of Mackerel, the initially firm texture has a yielding slickness while the oily heft of the fish becomes apparent upon mastication.

Kanpachi - Amberjack
A cousin of the ubiquitous Hamachi, the Kanpachi has a similar oily flavor but a firm jellied texture that felt so much more satisfying.

Suzuki - Sea Bass
The soft subtle flavor is beautifully enlivened by a dollop of spicy-sour yuzu kocho while the the coarse salt provided a nice textural contrast to the smooth fleshiness of the bass.

Toro - Fatty Tuna
Not the cleanest looking piece of toro but Yuji expertly removed any gristle leaving behind nothing but melt in your mouth goodness. The vividly oily toro tastes almost sweet to start though the finish was a bit fishier than I would have liked.

Shigoku Oysters
I was introduced to these little gems during a previous visit to Ohshima and they are fast becoming my favorite oyster. The dense compact oysters are brimming with a ripe melon sweetness with a gradually rising salinity on the finish.

Uni - Sea Urchin
I asked our chef, Yuji, how the uni and received a big smile and emphatic "very good." The bright yellow roe was fantastically sweet and creamy, very good indeed!

Gindara - Black Cod
Unlike most of the other sushi this piece comes unadorned and instead relies solely on the fantastic interplay between the fatty cod and the bitter char.

Ankimo - Monkfish Liver
This was one of the best pieces of ankimo that I've ever had. The texture was amazingly smooth and creamy while the flavor has a rich livery essence complimented by a light fishiness. The accompaniments of daikon, scallon and ponzu bring a succulent acidity that deftly cuts the fat.

Binnaga - Albacore
The albacore was one of the few let downs from my previous visit with the garlic sauce smothering the natural flavor of the fish.. Yuji was a bit more conservative with the garlic sauce this time around which gave the albacore the chance to shine.

Taki Kani Tekmaki - Blue Crab Hand Roll
The meal ended with a classic finish; I especially appreciated the temperature contrast between the cool creamy crab and the bed of warm rice.

With an extensive selection of fresh imported fish, creative seasoning, and delightfully warm rice Ohshima reaffirmed its place as my favorite sushi restaurant in OC.


Justin said...

Was your bill for one or two?

Epicuryan said...

That was for 2 people

Justin said...

That's really reasonable!